Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Learning from Others

Spending a week at the end of July with 5 other artists was an incredible learning experience. Being a self taught artist I was not completely sure what I would take away with me from the styles and subject matter that the other artists specialize in but kept an open mind.
I first spoke with Shelley the morning we were heading up Mt Fidelity as we walked around Revelstoke for the morning. Shelley specializes in capturing wildflowers, lichen, moss and her knowledge of the plants up the mountain was so valuable. Her ability to focus on the minute detail of these plants amazed me as for me, I focus on lines and blocks. I learned so much from her and she influenced one of my paintings. I have never painted plants in my style and was very excited to try it with her influence.
Below, is a photo of these beautiful little wildflowers that were at nearly the peak of Mt Fidelity at 2200m and then my painting of them. I love it and am looking forward to painting more close ups of plants and flowers.

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