Friday, 16 March 2012


Siren, my Studio buddy
The month of February was cold here in Kelowna. Some people say it was a mild winter but for me, any temperature that is not +12 is cold. I am NOT a winter person that is for sure.
So my hours were spent bundled up in my cozy studio watching the snow fall and running back to the house for a  coffee refill. This month it started to really sink in that my big solo exhibition was getting closer and some days I started to panic, worrying that I wouldn't have enough art, wanting to create more and realizing I am going to be just fine.Nonetheless I am working away, creating some fun, west coast inspired art for the show.
 I also took in a workshop at the Lake Country Art Gallery where the curator went over expectations for an exhibition proposal. I learned a lot and am working on my proposal for the Lake Country Art Gallery and maybe a few more for 2013.
February 12th was my birthday which was spent with good friends, good food and (lots of) wine. After many months of winter all I really wanted was to crank the heat in our old 1940's house to a point where we could wear tshirts and still be warm. My little taste of summer!
I meant to take some time off my day job to work on my art however I didn't seem to get around to it which is crazy. Already in March now I've taken a few days off with Joni in daycare where I can paint the day away. Below are some of the pieces I created this past month including my first Ogopogo!
Early Morning Sailing, 24" x 36"  $400

Tree, 18" x 36"  $250
A View from the Seabus, 30" x 40"  $600

Ogopogo! 11" x 14"  SOLD

Stormy Lighthouse Park, 24" x 24"  SOLD
Thanks for reading, stay tuned for my next update which includes an enormous 3' x 4' painting of the Garden Bay Pub in Pender Harbour. xoxo