Sunday, 4 September 2011

Building My Studio

It's always been a dream to have my own studio, a place that can be completely mine, left as it without worrying about someone else bumping a fresh painting, or sticky fingers reaching up to touch it. I used to have my own room in the house, it was small with lots of light but it was during a time where I didn't paint all that much. In October of 2009 our daughter Joni was born and my painting room soon became Joni's nursery. Since then I've been painting in the kitchen, living room, our bedroom and the back porch during naps and after she's gone to bed. Once she wakes up the painting gear is tucked behind doors, hung high up on walls and locked in cupboards.

This summer my darling husband decided to turn our old, dusty full of wasp nests and spiders shed, into my new studio. At first I was a little skeptical but when I came home from my artist retreat at the end of July and saw that he had already ripped off the old roof and was replacing it with new (red!) shingles I was thrilled.
Over the last few weeks I've been searching online for used building materials and constant 'how-to' guides and it is definitely taking shape. New siding is up, a new-to-us 6 foot window is in ($25!) and a pair of beautiful french doors that overlooks our vegetable garden are installed. The electrician is coming soon and we're hoping that by the end of September I'll be in there painting! I can't wait, and am so grateful for my husband who has been slaving away with me in the heat of summer creating this beautiful oasis for me.

 Below is a set of photos taken a few weeks back now to help document this process.

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