Monday, 12 September 2011


This past weekend was the 17th Annual Artwalk in Lake Country! After weeks of preparation, late nights finishing paintings and organizing Friday arrived and it was time for set up. I always get nervous and excited about set up, not knowing where I would be besides the 'Large Gym'. I was at the end of a row and had some room to play around with and within two hours Carl and I had it set up and it looked great.
Saturday morning arrived, I brought some fresh flowers from the garden and was dropped off. The morning was full of excitement, you could feel it from all the artists there and people started streaming in. There was so much great feedback and compliments I received and I made a few sales out of it too!
Overall, it was a great experience yet again and I hope to make it into Artwalk next year. I look forward to working with the people I met who would like a commissioned piece and the networking with other artists was fabulous. I look forward to seeing everyone soon.
Now that Artwalk is complete, it's time to start preparing for the next show in November in Revelstoke for Art in the Park ( ) and some upcoming deadlines for Christmas shows, and yes finishing my studio!

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