Friday, 1 June 2012

The Wine Label

Earlier this year I saw a post on Twitter about an Artist Series wine label contest from Therapy Vineyards in beautiful Naramata. Having my art on a wine label has been something I've always wanted to do and they were looking for artwork of Okanagan landscapes. The deadline for submission was just a few days away which meant I didn't have time to create a new piece but I thought 'Okanagan Hills' would meet their requirements. So I contacted my favorite southern Okanagan supporters Jeannette and Ian who owned the piece to make sure they would be ok with me submitting the piece to Therapy (they were thrilled and very encouraging = reason why I love them).

Okanagan Hills, 24" x 48" 
Then on a cold February day, on my walk in to the office I got a phone call from Daphne telling me that my painting had been selected!!!! AMAZING! Over the next few months I anticipated the release, checked over the proof and then I was sent this beautiful photo.

Therapy Vineyards Artist Series Riesling Kerner
Thursday May 10th was the Artist Series Release Party, I took the day off work and packed the car full of art, prints and an overnight bag because I got to stay in their gorgeous guest house for the night! Daphne greeted me at the door with a glass of wine and after meeting Steve the winemaker and all the wonderful people that worked at Therapy I was so surprised to see the original painting hanging beautifully in the Wine Shop! Jeannette and Ian had arranged to bring it and it looked great with the wine bottles displayed below.

Photo courtesy of Therapy Vineyards

I had a fabulous time at the Release Party, listening to the band, signing bottles and sipping on wine all afternoon. After Carl got off work him and Joni arrived and we had a very relaxing evening at the guesthouse.

Thank you to everyone at Therapy Vineyards for all your support, selecting my art, the wine and for the wonderful day and evening spent there. I'm so happy and proud to have my art on your wine label. I love white wine and the Artist Series is a Riesling Kerner blend that is absolutely perfect for any sunny day. Or cloudy day. It's delicious.

-Artist Series Riesling Kerner is only available at the wineshop and selling fast but Therapy will be more than happy to package and ship bottles. For more information please go to  or email at

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