Saturday, 12 May 2012

My First Solo Exhibition

Poster courtesy of the Gibsons Public Art Gallery
My first solo exhibition. For months I've been working away in the studio anticipating April 19th both extremely nervous and incredibly excited. Dreaming of paintings inspired by the beautiful west coast and coming up with a few different styles along the way. My studio walls were completely filled by the time early April rolled along and even Carl was busy wire mounting and packing everything up. My mom and mother-in-law came up the last weekend before the show to help out and together we all drove down to Vancouver on the 12th. The 13th was set up day and on that cold, rainy day I borrowed Shelley's van and headed for the ferry terminal to Gibsons.
Pat greeted me and introduced me to some of the wonderful volunteers that helped me set everything up. When everything was set up it was just incredible to see my art all lined up and so wonderfully displayed. 
That's ME!
Front Gallery - View when you walk in
Front Gallery, 'The Lights'
Front Gallery, 'Summer' & 'The Falls'
Main Gallery, right
Main Gallery center

Main Gallery, left
Opposite Main Gallery
Mini Paintings!
Third Gallery
 The opening was on Saturday April 21st and it was a beautiful sunny weekend. Carl, Joni and I took a ferry over on the Friday morning and rented a house 2 blocks from the Gibsons Public Art Gallery on the ocean. 
Joni on the Ferry

View from the House

Saturday morning arrived and I was so excited! 2 o'clock couldn't come fast enough. Friends and family were arriving throughout the morning on the ferries and we were all enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Joni especially, loving the attention and throwing about 500 rocks into the water. As everyone left the house to pick up lunch (I stayed home because Joni was napping) I received a phone call from Morgan's (best friend who lives in Boston) Mom saying should would like to stop by and drop something from Morgan off. We said we would have a skype date and do a champagne toast. She knocked on the door and jumped out of the way to reveal Morgan!!!!! She and her wonderful husband Mike had flown all the way from Boston for the opening. Lauren, Lyhle, Kerry and Dale had all told me there were not able to make it and they surprised me as well!! It was the most incredible surprise I have ever had and there were many tears (right after I had done my make up of course).
At 2 we headed over to the opening and it was packed! There must have been 50-60 of our friends and family that came to support me. I was completely overwhelmed and loved every minute of it, even pulled off an unrehearsed speech! A total of 9 paintings sold on opening day, it was just amazing.

 To all of my supporters throughout these last two years, to the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, to my wonderful friends and family who came from Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast, Kelowna, Vancouver Island and Boston and especially my husband Carl, you truly made this one of the best days of my life and something I will never forget. Two years ago I would have never imagined having my first solo exhibition at a public art gallery, you encouraged me to follow this dream and played an enormous role to make it possible.
Thank you.

Kerry, me, Morgan & Lauren right after the surprise

Cousin Sara & her beautiful family from Port Alberni

Friends, family & Joni

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