Friday, 3 February 2012


Another month has flown by and the pressure is starting to sink in about my upcoming exhibition at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery. I now have two months and two and a half weeks to complete the rest of the paintings I've planned and do all the media, prep and party planning! I'm really excited and am so looking forward to April 21st, Opening Day.
This past month I've had some sales of original art, completed a commissioned Arbutus Tree painting and my prints sales are doing great too! I've been committed to Etsy and getting some positive response. I've also created and sold my first Gift Certificate as well.

Rattlesnake Island 24 x 24 SOLD
Okanagan Sailing 36 x 36 SOLD 
I've been in the studio a lot having visits and working away late in the evening after Joni is in bed and on weekends when Carl is home. It's been so nice to have my own place where I can crank the music and paint away. Below are the paintings I completed this past month, hope you enjoy them!

Vancouver & Mt Baker, 24 x 48 $500

Davis Bay, 36 x 36 $600

Rogers Pass, 18 x 36 $300 


  1. I really like your art. Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you Don! I appreciate the comment and you can see more of my art at or on Facebook at